FutureStars Showcase 2017 Highlights

The Crushers
The Crushers of Sterling raised the roof with rock’n’roll classics. CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS

The Crushers
The Crushers’ band members each received a City Music gift card, an On Stage sportpack, and a City Music FutureStars T-shirt.

What a great show! A full house at the Bull Run – with the Crushers, selling a record number of tickets.  Their ticket sales earned them the head-liner spot in the line-up closing the showcase with an encore.

Honeysuckle Sodapop
Bromfield High School’s Honeysuckle Sodapop was runner up in ticket sales. MORE PHOTOS


FutureStars’ was Honeysuckle Sodapop’s first performance with a new, expanded line-up.  The band rocked with  a set of classic favorites from Jackson 5, Bob Marley, and Hendrix, mixing it up with funk rhythms, and guitar solos.

The Elements
Chelmsford’s Music Elements School band gave us a great performance of pop hits.


The Elements gave us a super performance with catchy rhythms and 3 part harmonies.  The group’s camaraderie and enthusiasm for performing was evident, giving each player an opportunity to shine.

Isabell Lassell
Soloist Isabell Lassell played a strong set of folk punk & alternative rock music.


Skyview Middle-schooler Isabell Lassell gave us a bold set with songs from the Clash, Twenty-one Pilots and Frank Turner. Her music, vocals and daring presentation is evidence that Isabell is only getting started on her musical journey, and promises she’ll be back on stage soon.

Submarine Machine
Students of Quabbin Regional High School, Submarine Machine

Submarine Machine came back to our stage with new, catchy originals, and a few favorties from last year’s concert.  Their shtick on stage is quirky and fun, and their music touched with Beatles’ harmonies. CLICK to listen to more of their music. 

Proceeds from the FutureStars Showcase event will by donated to the Leominster Public School Music programs.

Our thanks to the generous sponsors that contributed to this event:

Showcase video provided by LeominsterMusic.com.

Stay Tuned for the FutureStars’ proceeds presentation at the Leominster Starburst event on June 17th.