Guitar Parts & Repair Shop

Instruments are a lot like people, they need a check-up every so often to ensure they’re at optimal health, and running efficiently. Where you and I might get the sniffles, or need the occasional band-aid, your instrument might start to buzz, rattle, squeak, or not play at all! That means it may need a set-up, restring, tension adjustment, valves cleared, or any number of other little tweaks that keep everything running smoothly! We’re here to get your gear back in tip-top performance!

Please note: For the protection of your instrument and others, All repairs MUST have a protective case.

Guitar Restring / Set-Up (Acoustic or Electric)

  • Restringing –  strings become dull as they age,  a fresh set will make your guitar sound brand new again!
  • Replace/Adjust Nuts & Saddles – both affect your intonation and action)
  • Replace/Repair Bridges – bridges that are lifting off can be hazardous to you and your guitar, or make your guitar hard to play)
  • Repair/Reattach broken headstocks (yes, even if it’s BROKEN OFF, sometimes it can be put saved!)
  • Pickup Installation  – We’ve got DiMarzio, Fender, Fishman, we can also install whatever pickups you’ve got on hand
  • Replace noisy/dead pots and output jacks (no more crackling!)
  • Replace tuners and pegs – common parts that can wear/break over time
  • Replace / Level, Recrown & Polish Frets – frets wear out over time and can cause a number of “bad note” issues, but they can often be brought back to life, or just replaced outright

 Band & Orchestra Instruments

  • Stuck Mouthpieces – we’ve got a mouthpiece puller on-site!
  • Leaks & Squeaks – notes that won’t play right on your brass/woodwind instrument can be realigned
  • Stuck/Broken Keys – a key that won’t go down/come back, we’ve got it covered
  • Valves Stuck – we’ll get all the moving parts in working order again
  • New Cork/Pads – worn parts can fray or chip, and if things aren’t airtight they won’t play properly
  • Other Dents & Dings – believe it or not, school kids sometimes drop/bump into things, but we can get everything put back into place

We also stock polish, polishing cloths, reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, lyres, care kits, cork grease, valve oil, even new cases, etc., so if your instrument or accessories have seen better days, we’re here to get you set for your next rehearsal or class!