About Us

City Music LLC is a locally owned family partnership.  Marc Rines and I have been involved in music for as long as we can remember.  Marc is a long-time local musician who’s been composing and performing since he was 18 (yes, I was a groupie :)).  My music experience is more typical – I took piano lessons, and played in my school band (oboe and glockenspiel). Marc and I both worked for our local music store, Acton Music Center, where we gained experience running and maintaining music programs and product lines.

After working more than 20 years in the music business, Marc launched his own company, City Music, in 2003.  It wasn’t long before our little Gardner music store was recognized as a hip, competitively priced destination for any musical needs; in 2006 we opened our second location in Leominster.

Now, Marc and I are partners, with the goal to make City Music your local music store.  We wrestle the vendors to get you the best pricing, and keep an eye on our internet competition.  Our lesson studios host many of the areas most talented and credentialed performing musicians, teaching a variety of instruments and styles.  We host several events and recitals each year, giving growing musicians an opportunity to demonstrate their work.

We are grateful to the ongoing support of our Gardner and Leominster communities, and we have strived to return that support by contributing to the music programs of the local schools.  Since 2005, we have been hosting the FutureStars Showcases, giving teen musicians an opportunity to perform for family and friends at a concert venue.  The proceeds from these events – more than $23000 as of 2018 – have been donated to the Leominster and Gardner public school music programs.  And we are proud to say that some of the young musicians that first played on our FutureStars stage have become professional performers; Jack Babineau, Jordan Racine, and Crashdown among others.

Marc and I thank you for the opportunity to become YOUR local music store.

Nancy Karuzis