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We've got the new American Professional Strat in stock
The new @Fender American Professional Series Stratocaster is here! Come on in check and it out.

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More than 80 models, colors, shapes & sizes of new and select used electric guitars and bass guitars in stock – with new arrivals everyday.

Huges selection of electric guitarsCity Music stores in Leominster and Gardner carry quality, name brand electrics and basses for all levels of players from beginners to professionals.   Our staff is happy to go over your options – there are many – and get you plugged in to test drive one for yourself.  Don’t just buy any guitar – choosing the One for You makes all the difference in your musical enjoyment.

Play the difference.  We’ve got guitars of all body styles and features, solid body to hollow body, old school hard-tail set-up to modern locking tremolo systems, mellow low output pickups, to screaming active electronics.  Are you a lefty?  We’ve got left-handed electric guitars too. Let us put together a custom guitar/amp package designed just for you.

Not sure where to begin? Our  electric guitar and bass starter packs by Fender, Peavey, and Epiphone come complete with everything you need – guitar, amplifier, strap & more. Click HERE for more about Beginner Starter Electric Packs.

Stop in and see for yourself – we’ve got great selection and the best pricing you’ll find anywhere – and we’re LOCAL!

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