Drummers’ Bash a Big Hit!

City Music’s Drummers’ Bash

Pat McKee wins Zildjian Cymbal
Nancy Rines and Pat McKee, winner of the Zildjian Cymbal at the Drummers' Bash

What fun!  Our first Drummers Bash was great.  The weather held out nicely, and City Music’s Rockin’ All Star Staff played on.  Thanks to all the visiting drummers that sat in with the All Star Staff (Johnny ‘Romance’ Nickerson, Rampage Bassist Iain Perry and our own ‘ Superhero’ Andy Cummings)  Special thanks to our drum staff Greg Prendergast and Chris Landry for their rhythm demos on the kit, cahons and djembes.

Lots of drummers joined our drum circle, hosted by Chris Landry, with a little help from Fitchburg Middle school’s ‘Shake, Rattle & Drum’ group.   We got a taste of hand drumming in the styles of several cultures.  Chris will be hosting a Drum Circle at City Music in Leominster on October 25th (Sign-up is required.  Fee: $5 per person.  Bring your own drum).  Chris is also accepting hand percussion students Thursday afternoons – see our Leominster music store of details.

Winner of the Ludwig snare drum
Nancy Rines and Eric King, winner of the Ludwig Accent snare drum

Lots of interest in the Yamaha DTX500 electronic drums.  Yamaha’s MS40DR drum monitors really bring out the full sound of the 400+ sounds available on the DTX.  This great electronic set-up definitely went on a few drummers ‘wish lists’.   With the great Drummers Bash Day Sale, lots of folks got great deals on awesome products!

Thanks to Iain Perry for firing up the grill and serving up hot dogs and burgers.  And thank you to our mall neighbors for coming out and joining in the fun.

Here are the winners of the Drummers’ Bash Drawing – Sponsored by Zildjian, Ludwig, Hal Leonard, CS Martin and City Music:

  • Pat McKee – the Zildjian 22″ ZHT Ride Cymbal (Value: $310)
  • Eric King – Ludwig 14″ Accent Snare (Value: $249)
  • Nathan Foisy – 4 Drum Lessons at City Music ( Value: $88)
  • Mark Cerritelli – Todd Zuchermann’s Methods and Mechanics DVD (Value: $29.99) and Taking Center Stage w/ Neil Peart DVD (Value: $39.99)
  • Dominic Coolberth – Groove Essentials w/ Tommy Igoe (Value: $24.99)
  • Caleb Lee – C.F. Martin Duffel Bag – (Value: $35)

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