FutureStars Proceeds Presented

Starburst 2015 2015-06-13 003
Nancy Karuzis presented $1000 to Barry Hudson
at the Leominster Starburst celebration.

Proceeds from the 2015 FutureStars Showcase were presented at the Leominster Starburst Celebration on Saturday, June 13th.

The proceeds were collected from the FutureStars ticket sales for the event held at the Bull Run Restaurant on April 7th, and from raffles for acoustic guitars donated by Fender and City Music.

The presentation of $1000 was made to Mr. Barry Hudson, director of the Leominster High School music program, during the LHS Jazz Band performance at Doyle Field.  Starburst is a community event celebrating music from numerous local school programs and other community music groups, ending with a burst of fireworks.

This was the 10th year that City Music has conducted the FutureStars Showcases, donating more than $14000 to the Leominster and Gardner public school music programs over the years.