Jay Sharron, Guitar Instructor

Jay Sharron
Professional Musician Jay Sharron

Expertise: Guitar, all styles, electric, acoustic

Berklee College of Music, Boston

  • Specialist Certificate in Advanced Guitar
  • Specialist Certificate in Music Production

Call Now to sign up: 978-630-3620

As a guitar instructor, Jay believes in developing strong roots in scales, chords, sight reading and timekeeping.  Each guitar lesson will incorporate a combination of these fundamentals, along with a focus on the styles and interests of the student as well. The goal is to develop a well-rounded performer who can adapt to a variety of musical situations. Jay teaches many guitar styles, including electric/acoustic rock, jazz, funk, R&B, and classical finger-style.

Jay accepts students of all ages – children, teens and adults.

Jay currently performs locally as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, and was a former lead singer/guitarist for the rock/dance band, New Sensation. Jay is also the drummer for the rock trio, Brother Maynard, the Starburst Orchestra and Leominster Colonial Band.