Ukuleles Galore

kala displayKala ~ Makala ~ Mahalo ~ Epiphone ~ Fender ~ Gretsch ~ Martin

Affordable & Fun!  And we’ve got’em in all playful colors & sizes.  Not toys – but tune-able, hardy instruments, perfect for impromptu jamming, regular meet-ups, or li’l tikes’ hands on their first instrument.

mahalo ukesThe City Music staff will be happy to show you the different options:

  • soprano
  • concert
  • tenor
  • acoustic
  • acoustic/electric
  • Les Paul style
  • ukulele packs including case and digital tuner

Kala KA-CEMLooking for a cut above uke?  Kala’s Exotic Mahogany ukulele’s feature satin finish and beautiful grain patterns – each one unique.


Gretsch’s RootGretsch Roots logo Collection ukulele offers classic Gretsch workmanship in mahogany with semi-gloss finish.  These are a fine addition to any player’s collection.

Do you love the ukulele soprano sound, but feel cramped by it’s size?  Gretsch’s long-neck soprano will be just the thing. With the extra neck length of a concert size on a soprano body, you’ll love the relaxed fit.

epiphone uke
Epiphone LP Style Ukulele

Come on in and see what the craze is all about.

0XK-Uke martin_x
OXK Martin Soprano Ukulele