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Violinist Nathan Samulak
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Nathan Samulak

Expertise: Violin, Viola

Studio Location: Leominster

Call Now to sign up: 978-534-8989

Nathan Samulak received his Bachelor of Arts in music from Wayne State University where he studied classical violin with Dr. Laura Roelofs.

As an educator, Nathan utilizes many aspects of the Suzuki Talent Education Method stressing the importance of ear training, artistic expression and proper physical technique. Nathan’s experience in the classical tradition as well as contemporary genres allows him to expose students to a variety of musical styles, while maintaining a strong foundation of classical technique.  READ MORE

Violinist Terry Rousso
Violinist Terry Rousso

Terry Rousso

Expertise: Violin, Piano

Studio Location: Gardner

Call Now to sign up: 978-630-3620

Ms. Rousso has studied violin performance since 1984, and has been teaching violin and piano since 1994.  In addition to traditional training, Terry is a qualified Suzuki Violin instructor.

Terry has extensive performance experience in many styles of music through festivals, orchestras and symphonies throughout New York, Massachusetts and Maine, enabling her to teach many music genres.  Her warmth and patience will put her students quickly at ease.  Terry welcomes students of any age and ability.