Effects Pedals Galore

Pedals GaloreAt City Music

Check out our expanded Effects Pedal Department!

We’ve got the latest from:

  • Electro Harmonix
  • Mooer
  • Tech21
  • BBE
  • Budda
  • MXR
  • BossSatisfactionOD Glove East River Drive EHX Soul Food
  • Behringer
  • Plus – TREX Power supplies

Just in and HOT from Electro-Harmonix:

  • Satisfaction Fuzz – for that 60’s fuzz sound of it’s name-sake song, updated with true bypass circuitry.
  • OD Glove – with the thick, rich sound of versatile MOSFET overdrive/distortion.
  • Soul Food distortion/fuzz/overdrive – tone enhancement and transparent  over-drive. Our hottest OD, get one while they last!
  • East River Drive for the *perfectly* tweaked NYC tube-screamer sound.
  • Ravish Sitar offers the exotic sounds of the sitar from your guitar.

Mooer SkyverbNew to the US in 2014: Mooer Micro Series:

Compact pedals, as endorsed by David Escobar of S.T.E.   Lots of WOW in these colorful little boxes – listening is believing!

Tech 21 Blonde Made in the USA Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series:

Tube amp emulation with the highest quality products and touring-tough construction.  As pre-amp and direct box units, get the 50’s Fender amp sound with the Blonde or the sound of the classic Vox with the Liverpool.  Amazing characteristic amp sounds packed into a small pedal. Plenty of tone shaping tools for the bass player, too!


Budda Karma ChorusALL New!  Guitar effects pedals from Budda Amplification!

Built to last, with smart features like true-bypass for completely transparent signal output when the pedal is not engaged, and in and out jacks placed in the back of each pedal.

MXR Phase90 The venerable MXR brand:

All the classics, such as the Phase 90 phase shifter and Dyna Comp compressor, and others destined to become classics, like the Carbon Copy delay and the Zakk Wylde Black Label chorus.

Slash Cry Baby Classic


Dunlop’s Cry Baby – wahs for every taste, including Slash’s Cry Baby with built in distortion!

BBE Sonic Stomp

BBE Stomp Boxes offers sound enhancement for the more discerning players.


Tons of legendary BOSS pedals:BOSS RC 30

Blues Driver, Chorus, Metal Zone, Tuner and most notably, the RC-3 &  RC-30 loop stations, with USB connectivity and recording capacity…there’s no limit to your creative canvas!

 And then…

TREX ChameleonPower your pedal board with rugged T-Rex Fuel Tank power supplies – Junior, Classic, Chameleon – all built to last.

Stop in today to try the latest in effects technology!