Acoustic Guitars for Beginners:

Starter Guitar Packs ~ Kid’s Guitars ~ Beginner Guitar Packs

Learning to play guitar is FUN, but it can be challenging.  Learning on a well-constructed, properly sized guitar is the first step towards success.

City Music carries a variety of sizes and models of guitars to suit all new players: kids, smaller framed adults and ‘Big & Tall’ folks.  An acoustic guitar should fit comfortably in your hands and in your lap.  Our staff can guide you through the makes and models to choose the best match for you.

These All-in-One Starter Kits have everything you need to get playing including electronic tuner, gig bag, picks and more:

  • Yamaha Acoustic Gigmaker

  • Fender FA125 Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

  • Fender DG8 Dreadnought Acoustic

  • Jay Turser 3/4 size Acoustic

City Music’s acoustic beginner guitars for children are not toys, but real instruments that stay in tune, and are designed for smaller fingers and hands to manage – essential factors to keep learning fun and jayturserpacksensure success. Our Jay Turser 3/4 packs come in 4 fun colors too.

Shop in at City Music in Leominster or Gardner, get expert advise and know you will get the best price on your starter guitar purchase!