10 Reasons Why Recitals Are an Important Part of Music Education


Music is a FUN social activity that keeps minds of all ages active. The time before a performance is filled with picking a song, practicing over and over, anticipation, nerves and more practicing.  Some students really look forward to recitals and others dread it, but MUSIC is meant to be heard! and learning to make music is more rewarding when shared.

Here are ten reasons why students benefit by participating in a recital:

  1. To work towards a goal – when a student starts to learn a new instrument or piece of music, a future performance gives them something to prepare for.
  2. To share a talent and show off hard work – performing in front of others brings a student recognition of all the time they’ve spent working on a piece of music.
  3. To build confidence – performing and applause from an audience gives a student a sense of pride and accomplishment for all those hours of hard work. It also allows a student to showcase new skills and growth and have a stronger belief of their capabilities.
  4. To get to know peers and to feel part of a community – meeting and watching students perform, who are also taking lessons, builds a sense of community and allows the student to feel a part of something larger than just them self and results in increased interest in lessons.
  5. To obtain performance experience – performing in a fun and friendly environment helps a student gain valuable experience that will also be beneficial in other areas of life.
  6. To make memories – family involvement at a recital shows the student that their hard work is noticed and valued by others who care about them.
  7. To reflect – watching others perform allows students to be reminded of how far they’ve come and how far they can go.
  8. To teach vulnerability, compassion and empathy –showcasing hours of practice in front of an encouraging audience and cheering on other students through their mistakes and nerves teaches students of all age’s valuable life skills.
  9. To overcome a fear – students may experience performance anxiety or stage fright. Experiencing these nerves and working through them makes a student realize it’s ok to have these feelings and it will get easier the more and more they perform.
  10. To have a chance to hear live music and be inspired – music is a universal language that brings people together – recitals are truly a celebration!

City Music Recitals are a judgement free, fun and friendly opportunity for students of any age to demonstrate their hard work and courage for their teachers, family and friends. To participate, please download a recital application at https://www.citymusiconline.com/events/student-recitals/ and return it to your instructor by the week of November 5th.  We hope you will join us for our Holiday Recital on Sunday, December 9th 2018 from 12-3pm at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, Massachusetts.