City Rockers Summer Sessions

This summer kids – ages 10 – 16 years – can experience the fun and excitement of playing in a band. Get together with other players at week long workshops to develop and perform as a group. Workshop will meet daily, 11am – 2pm, Monday—Friday, ending with a finale performance at a City Music in-house concert. Players should be able to play basic chords and rhythms on their instruments.

One group per week at City Music Leominster, July 10 through Aug. 25th.

City Rockers Summer Camp Session fee – $269 per week (+active registration fee*) Sign up for 1, 2 or more weeks.

SAVE $50 when you sign up by May 1st!  ($50/wk deposit required)

CLICK HERE to get an application – Deadline is June 15th.

The band will choose material, work out parts and create a performance for a concert.  A City Music instructor – a professional performing musician – will oversee daily activities of the group to teach rehearsal organization and etiquette through:

  • daily group rehearsal

    CLICK to Get your application
    CLICK to Get your application
  • team building activities
  • videos and discussion of music history
  • democratic selection of band name and material
  • song building techniques & set list development
  • performance planning & presentation practice

Each participant will receive:

  • a City Rockers t-shirt
  • a digital group photo
  • daily snacks/beverage

We will try to accommodate as many players as possible.  One group will be created per week, considering student availability, instrument, age, interest and ability.  HURRY, Groups are forming now!

To get an application, CLICK HERE.  Deadline to apply is June 15th.

*   The registration fee of $10 transfers to City Music group classes, and is good for one year. No registration fee required for current City Music private lesson students.